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    SmartDoc 2.0 crashed on me the other day so I looked for new versions and found it's now called Quickword. (I know, I'm months behind the times.) I tried for the automatic free upgrade but I got an automatic free "error, no record of payment" message even though I registered the danged thing last year on palmgear and still have the original email with serial number etc.

    What I want to know is: Anyone here using Quickword? Is it worth pestering these people until they give me an upgrade? Like, will it crash less often? Does it have thrilling new features (other than conduits; I hotsync to Linux. I know, I'm a freak.) Is there some fabulous new Doc editor I should be using instead?
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    I never have problems with Quickword crashing at all, and I pretty much use it daily.

    The popular one these days is WordSmith because it lets you do a lot of formatting.
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    Well, I purchased Quickoffice (Quickword, Quicksheet, Quickchart). I never used SmartDoc before, so I can't compare the two, but it has worked great for me. Does it crash less often? I can't remember it every crashing. As long as I remember to insert and remove Springboards while the power is on, and insert and remove my Stowaway when the power is off, I have no problems at all. Not a soft reset in months.

    Is there a fabulous new Doc editor? People seem to like WordSmith from BlueNomad. I haven't used it, but I think I remember that it does bold, underline, and italics, which Quickword does not yet do. I haven't really needed that, so it's not an issue for me (though I admit it is starting to be a bigger issue).

    I don't know much about Documents To Go...once I found out that you can't edit forumlas on the handheld in a spreadsheet, I turned away.
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    The problem with PalmGear is that they don't often send the developers the registration info. I registered ThinkDB 2 months ago and it still isn't reflected in my profile on their website.

    Can't speak for Quickword (don't use it) but I'd email them anyway for support.
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    Having used both SmartDoc/QuickWord and WordSmith (and have moved to WordSmith), I'd add that one area that WordSmith wins hands down is support. The one or two requests or questions I've sent to Blue Nomad re: WordSmith have been handled quickly and politely; and their documentation and web support are very good.

    QuickOffice, while not awful (except with registration), hasn't been near as good. I still use QuickSheets (none of the major spreadsheet programs do quite what I want, the way I want it -- columnar text formatting -- I think I need to move to ThinkDB), but WordSmith has won out on the Palm documentation arena. (I use a Stowaway keyboard, which enhances WordSmith's value to me.)

    I'd recommend searching VisorCentral for more QuickWord vs. WordSmith functionality discussions -- excellent summaries have been done by others.
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    Originally posted by bookrats
    The one or two requests or questions I've sent to Blue Nomad re: WordSmith have been handled quickly and politely; and their documentation and web support are very good.
    Also, many users who posted questions on VC have had reply postings from Blue Nomad (Wordsmith developers), who evidently monitor this site to help answer questions.
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    I like wordsmith the best!
    and I agree with K.Cannon, Blue nomad tech support is very helpful and always reply very quick!
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