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    Hey there, love this site...

    I was rummaging around the google search and came across this chat thread from 2006 from your website, and it was in the 700w category. Are there any similar capabilities with getting my own mp3 ringtones recognized by the 700p without using a third party app like Ringo? I have the same exact issue as the user below, and the "solution" offered by Dimness seems to only work for the 700w...I don't have the same options available from my end on the 700p with regards to the settings. Any help would be appreciated:

    07/13/2006, 7:45 AM SMoove03:
    hey whats up? first just wanted to say this is a great site. lots of info.

    anyway, I followed these directions and I still have no luck. I am using a treo 700p, btw.

    My problem is that I cannot seem to assign mp3 files as ringtones in my contact list. So I go to preferences > sound & alerts > manage...from there I only have a few choices: New, Send and Details. When I click on New, it brings up this little recorder so you can record your own i guess. When I press the menu button, no menu pops up. so Im guessing these are my only options. i have tried everything but I cant find it. I have a 1gb SD card with tons of songs on it. I would love to use some of them, but I cant figure out how. any help would be appreciated!

    07/13/2006, 10:39 AM Dimness:

    My problem is that I cannot seem to assign mp3 files as ringtones in my contact list.

    Let's take this step by step. I use a free program called power mp3 cutter to cut down the size of my mp3's to ringtone size (about 20-30 seconds worth). Then from the SD card, I "add" them to the library using the Sounds setting on the Treo 700w. To make them specific to a contact, go directly to the contacts list and directly edit that contact. You should have a choice for that particular ringtone.

    go to settings > sounds and notifications > manage tab > menu > add
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    Not really, there are applications that convert them MP3 to the format used by the Treo and put them in main memory to clutter up your memory. Your best bet is to use a SD based ring tone management application. Recommendations: LightWav, RingCare, CallBlock, mRing and Ringo. The first three are well supported.

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    Thanks, Ben...any ideas on old text messages and how I can view them (see other post I did this morning)?


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