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    I'm using the Card Info app built into the Treo 755p and pushed the "format" option 8 minutes ago. I've tried this 3 times, and it just keeps "Formatting..." and never finishes. Anyone have this problem? I realize others have said they don't "need" to format the card, but I've always formatted in the handheld before copying info from my old card to it which has prevented problems in the past. It's confusing to me why the Treo can't format this card... anyone have any thoughts on why this might be happening? Do I need to get a replacement?
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    I don't know much but I wonder how slow a phone is in formating 4 GB. pretty slow I imagine.
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    I can't believe people need 4g in a phone. Unless music is stored on the card.
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    It's prolly the card. I bought a 1 gig Memorex mini SD and it was stuck on format forever.

    Eventually it was formated in the phone after removing and replacing it about 3 times.

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    Don't the cards come pre-formatted? I know my 4GB Toshiba card did - inserted it into the slot and I was gtg!
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    My 755P can only format cards larger than 2GB right after a hard reset.

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