So, I've been wanting to try Opera mini on my 755, and just gave it a try after reading the previous few threads about the standard glitches and how folks have gotten around them.

I installed the latest java. I installed the latest Opera Mini. I adjusted the java's preference settings to those recommended in the other threads. I opened Opera. It set up and ran perfectly. Didn't freeze, didn't glitch, I can jump in and out of it at will with no problems... it just won't freakin' connect to anything! Even when I force a Vision connection before opening Opera, when I try to load anything - a URL or bookmark - it just says "connecting..." and hangs there. It never connects. It's not freezing - I can click "stop", and try again, or exit or whatever. The program seems to run fine. It just won't connect!

Anyone have a similar issue, or any thoughts?