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    Yet another post from me. I've been checking out the slim rubberized hard cases for protecting a Treo 680 (i.e. Seido). My previous experience with a form-fitting hard case on my 650 is that it scratched the living heck out of it because dust and tiny debris invariably collects between the hard case and the phone.

    Has anyone been using a rubberized form-fitting hard case, like the slim rubberized Seido case, for a lengthy period of time, and if so, has it scratched your phone? I'd appreciate feedback on this. Thanks!
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    I have been using the black Seidio rubberized case for 6 months and have had no problems at all with it. I found the 680 to be too slippery without it and was in constant fear of dropping. There are no dings or scratches although I haven't had to remove it but twice as my 680 has been surprisingly stable considering the many posts to the contrary. I also think it looks great.
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    Well I've been using the Boxwave Flexiskin on my 680 since January with no real problems.

    These rubberized skins are great in that they offer a little shock protection for minor dings and drops, a little added traction on slippery surfaces, a little water resistency on much of the Treo and makes holding them a whole lot more secure. The downsides are that you need to take the device completely out of the skin to do a reset (thank you Palm for making this task a lot less elegant in the 680) and that the traction that a rubberized skin gives you means that it can be a challenge to place in / take out of a pocket!
    With the Boxwave product, they also include two straps - a handheld and a neck strap - perhaps in recognition of the trickiness of slipping a rubberized Treo into pockets, but in my experience, the handstrap loop was too small to be of any use while who would wear this electronic anchor around one's neck?

    In reference to scratches (dust and other, uh....stuff accumulating under the skin) I just took my 680 out of the skin and did not note anything there.

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