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    OK I tried searching the posts but couldn't find a specific thread like this so I'm starting one. I am a long time Treo 650 user but have never been interested in bluetooth... until now. My question is simple: what's the best bluetooth headset out there (in terms of call quality, battery life, ease of use, and most of all Treo compatibility).

    I am not looking for Bluetooth stereo (at least not yet) just a simple headset that I can keep in my car. So feel free to sound off, everyone!
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    I used the JX10 with my treo 650 and it really worked great

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    I use the plantronics 510 off of ebay for 35.00 and its the best BT device I know of. Much better sound quality than any motorola or Jabra I tried.
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    Check out the Jawbone. It works well for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scheumanrj View Post
    Check out the Jawbone. It works well for me.
    I've been really considering getting a Jawbone. I have had several different earpieces, the only complaint I have on all of them is that none seem to stay very secure in/on my ear. Seems like most of the earpieces just loop over the ear, and are not very secure.
    Are there any good earpieces that fit tightly into / on the ear. Maybe something that has a small rubber or soft piece that goes into your ear canal a little bit, so the sound is transfered better, and it stays put better?

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