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    I have a 700p with the MR installed and still have the delays (waiting 40 seconds on a white screen for blazer to appear, slow switching apps, etc). The slow launch time of blazer is my main issue.

    If I reload all the same software on a 755p, does it still have the issue or was this fixed. If you had the problems on the 700 and they did/didn't go away on the 755p, I would like to hear about it.


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    Never had 700 but I am very happy with the 755p. There is a delay coming out of Blazer if it is set to clear out the cache. Other than that, it is as faster as the 650, if not better.
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    There are many replies to this same topic from previous posts many months ago. From my own experience, I will say that the delay is much improved. After loading many, many apps to my 755p, there is now a small amount of delay switching back and forth between apps, but it's much better compared to my old 700p. Also, exiting out of Blazer is much faster with the 755p versus the 700p. I also get fewer soft resets with the 755p versus the 700p, especially when entering the Web app.
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