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    Hi guys, no see for a long time!!!

    Anyways I gave the Gomadic guys a chance to respond, but they are breaking every rule in the misselling rule book. I am in europe and on website they say they will charge 7 dollars for shipping, standard EU, but they actually charged 27 dollars.

    So, I confronted them and they said this as follows, so please login and see if you can make sense of this when you go through from add to cart to shipping costs...

    "Thanks for your note. The Charging station is a new product for us and due to the size of it, we had to increase the International delivery fee for standard delivery to be weight based rather than order based (like it previously was). Since most of our products weigh less than 1/2 lb, we were confortable doing a flat shipping based fee for our products, but after the intoduction of the charging station we had to make this change. The charging station is over 3 lbs and is very costly to ship internationally (hence the change in price). The International Express fee was also increased to $60 to accomodate for the increase in cost as well.

    While the shipping fees were still properly displayed prior to you placing your order, we need to change the shipping text to better reflect the current policy. We are really sorry for the confusion and hope you understand the increase in fees.

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    Still got the original.....
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    file a charge back.
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