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    Hello again, my fellow Treo-ites. Given that I'm almost certain that I'll be taking the 680 for another spin, I would like to know if an AT&T/Cingular 680 is the best way to go or if I'm better off buying unlocked direct from Palm?

    I'm with AT&T now and I plan on getting the graphite. If I plan on customizing with the available ROMs out there and if I want the smoothest, most pain-free experience possible (taking into account I'll still be loading up the thing with lots of my 3rd party apps), which is the best way to go?

    Thanks in advance for your patience and help.
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    I use AT&T, and I purchased the unlocked version. I did try out the AT&T locked version, and saw that the unlocked is a bit smoother to use, and when used with one of the custom ROMs(kudos to james) it is a real pleasure to use.

    The only reason to get the AT&T locked phones is if you wanted a different color(they only have the red and graphite now). Since you wanted Graphite(more distinguished, and people see that color and know it is a Palm).

    All I can say is that get the unlocked one from Palm. I ordered it on a Friday and paid for the overnight shipping and got it Tuesday.(takes 1-2 business days to process)

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