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    I have been using Wordsmith ever since i started using Palm 5 years ago. Over the years of college and med school, i have accumulated about >500 memos with Wordsmith, most of which i have out in underlines, bolds, italics, increased Font sizez, to help facilitate my reviewing these memos...

    I have recently moved to a Treo 755p and it seems that Wordsmith is lacking in terms of its performance with it. First is the font size, it seems to be too small for my taste..

    But i have stuck with it because i have put undelines bolds etc on all my memos, and with the native app, those words are unreadable because of all the hypertext that came with it.

    TreoMemo seems to be the BEST treo memo app out there... my question is does Wordsmith and Treomemo have the same text formatting styles? meaning will all the words i underlined etc in Wordsmith show up as in underlined in TreoMemo too?

    This to me is the biggest obstacle to really replacing my Wordsmith.
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    If you are talking about TreoMemo by GX-5, it is really a different app then Wordsmith. You might be better off looking at Documents-to-Go or one of the other document editing programs. Have you tried a demo of TreoMemo?
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    TreoMemo is a replacement for the default Memo application and a MarkY states, they are not in the same category. WordSmith is a step higher, with DTG and MobiSystems offering even higher performance.

    DTG -

    MobiSystems -

    I have licenses for both and use DTG the most.

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    You can load other fonts on your Treo to get one that show up with bigger sizes.

    I still use Wordsmith too. It is a shame that the program has not been maintained.
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    pEditPro is a pretty serious editor that has been around for a long time. It is text only (no bold, underline, etc) but it does pretty much everything.

    There is a rather complex scripting language which allows you to automate all kinds of things.

    The only thing that it is missing is the really cool search capabilities of TreoMemo.

    The developer is actually rather receptive to new features (so come to think if it, I am going to ask him about a TreoMemo search right now!)
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