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    Hi, folks.

    Anyone have the Pocket Tunes file(s) from ROM, they could offer? I flashed my 680 with the Cust#1 update that has PTunes removed. I really don't want to redo the process with another ROM update.

    Thanks, for any help.
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    I had a similar problem where my customer ROM had Ptunes removed. I eventually bought the Ptunes upgrade to get the latest files.
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    Well, yes, that is the easy solution! I am a registered user of ver3 anyway. So, for 12 bucks, problem solved.

    While we're at it, so far so good with the cust#1 ROM, however it resets/reboots/soft resets or whatever you call it about once a day, spontaniously for no reason. Don't understand it, but its not like I can't make or receive calls, yet.

    Is it possible to go back to the original ROM? Would the ATT ROM updater 1.09 include the original ROM applications, or is that different than the Cust#1 ROM?
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    My 680 is very solid with the custom ROM. You should not be getting resets once a day. What else do you have loaded on ur Treo? Did you do a clean install of ur apps after you loaded the custom ROM?
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    Update on Cust#1 ROM. It has settled into being very stable. I did clean install all apps. The first few days, I got the resets, after things like turning on bluetooth, or a rscbackup event, or just at random reset. When that happened, I would loose the key assignments in agendus and prefs, and "Invisible" would loose its hidden apps state. opening Invisible and then straight to the built-in launcher got the hidden apps state back. These above 2 scenarios, when they happen tell me there has been a reset. But, so far there hasn't been any this week.

    Aside from the standard apps, the ones I use that could cause conflicts, but don't, that I am aware of are:
    Phone Technican
    Power Hero
    And my main app, Agendus.

    Still wondering what the DB cache gives me in this cust#1 ROM? I notice a lag in opening certain apps, such as Agendus and My Bible. My Bible has a sizable database to open, but Agendus doesn't.

    I'd like to get a stable bluetooth headset solution, and bluetooth AccessPoint LAN connection, mentioned in another post.

    Anyway, so far so good.

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