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    Here is a link to an auction on ebay for what looks like a new complete "black tie" housing.

    The auction is not mine. I was interested in it myself, but, I do not have a gsm phone.


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    Looks very cool. But would I be courageous enough to risk opening my Treo and moving the guts into this chassis? Nnnnnooooooooooooooooo!
    -- Josh
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    changing the housing is very easy. search youtube. I have done it.
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    It was a purty black case, but it didn't look like a "blacktie". My unlocked GSM black tie has a silver / grey metallic part around the display, 5-way and hard-keys.

    Mine looks like the one here ->
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    Hey Robbalazs, you are right, this is not Black tie. Its actually a new model called the black untie.

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