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    i got my NIB 755p and for a few days it was fine.

    then i couldnt logon to pic services. i was on the phone all day with sprint, and i got to advanced technical services to fwd the problem to engineers who called me this morning to tell me it wasnt my account or the device.

    something everyone else said it wasnt.

    so i called assurion (the sprint insurance company who replaces devices) and they will send me out a replacement.

    the engineer woman told me the problem happens "randomly and intermitantly" to the 650, 700, 755....and they "dont know why"

    has this happened to anyone?
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    Yes! The advanced tech support told me to clear my "PRI". To do this you:

    1) go to the dial pad and type ##774#
    2) choose to reset back to factory default (it will not delete any data on the device)
    3) use lock code 577057
    4) try to connect to the internet and let the phone provision the power vision and you should be all good

    This cleared my pri and my picturemail was able to connect perfectly. Hope this helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by blockburner2700 View Post
    3) use lock code 577057

    When you use the ##774# procedure the Lock Code is unique to your Palm's
    serial number.
    It will be different for every phone. To get the number for your phone you have to call Sprint support and have thsm go through the reprovisioning procedure (##774#).
    Copy down the ID number they have you type in for future use.


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