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    My treo has been having trouble hot syncing lately and it's been awhile since i've cleaned it out so I am thinking of gutting it via hard reset and only replacing my contacts and calendar.

    I know I've done this once before as a means of troubleshooting a previous issue, but I can't for the life of me remember how to do this, or find the instructions on these forums.

    I know it has something to do with changing a user name temporarily, etc. But i really don't want to botch anything and erase contacts or calendar (though I have backed up both).

    It's important to note i'm using OS X, and am therefore interested in syncing my mac address book and iCal, so I'd have to set up the iSync conduit as well.

    Thanks to anyone who can help!
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    Have you tried Palm's knowledge base? I too read somewhere on how to do what you're looking for but can't remember where.

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    The first thing to do in order to ensure that nothing "old" gets on the device is to rename the backup folder. After that, set the PIM conduits to sync or desktop overwrites hand held and then turn off all of the other conduits.

    Bad news though, I know nothing about the Mac side of the world.

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    Yes you can. Right-click the hot-sync icon in your system tray. Choose Custom (on the pop-menu) and then go down the list and disable any actions you don't want, and enable the actions you do want active for your next hotsync. For each function, you can tell it whether to sync normally, handheld to overwrite desktop, desktop to overwrite handheld, or do noting at all (not sync that particular function).

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    You could also set this conduits on the phone as well. I never knew that until the other day.

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