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    how do you do a soft reset on the 755p?

    I used to own a 700p and the hold was inside the battery cover. I cannot find it on this new 755........please advise........
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    how do you do a soft reset on the 755p?
    Remove and then replace the battery...or if the device isn't frozen, use an app like mReset.
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    I use Resco Explorer, it's in thier options menu.
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    Read the owners manual... :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by WreckRman2 View Post
    Read the owners manual... :P
    I got a refurbed cd or manual. Is there a way (outside of add-on software) to do a soft reset on 755? Is the batter trick all that is required?
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    yep, just remove and install the battery for soft reset.
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    I use the soft reset feature of TreoLauncher.

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