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    So after 3 years of faithful service from 650, it looks like it's finally starting to go. I have insurance so it won't cost me anything and I won't have to start my contract over. I'm hoping Sprint will give me a 755 over a refurb 700.

    Sadly, I think this will be my last phone with Palm, but in the meantime how are your experiences with the 755 vs the 700p? Or should I just skip Palm all together?
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    I'd be really surprised if they let you upgrade at no cost, insurance or no. Even a refurb 700 is optimistic; believe me, they still have refurb 650's available. Come to think of it, when I did an insurance replacement on my 650, even that wasn't free. It costs $50 now.

    However, I recently upgraded to the 755 from the 650 and I am happy. That mostly has to do with EVDO data speeds, but the slimmer profile is nice.

    My upgrade experience - call cust service and get a "standard" quote on the 755, with the equip upgrade credit applied, of $339. Explain I can get a better deal from At&t, get transferred to an account manager. Explain that At&t will give me a 680 - the gsm equivalent of the 755 (shh, they bought it) - for $99, and she comes back with a bottom-line offer of $149 on the 755. I was happy with that, but remember - I've been with Sprint for over 6 years, and out of contract for 8 months (naturally I had to sign up for another 2 years).

    Oh, and it turns out that the old unlimited data plan for the 650 isn't power vision. When I got the phone and called to activate, I was told I'd have to upgrade my plan to Power Vision or send the phone back. I whined a bit, got the unlimited power vision for $5 / month.

    All in all, a good deal and I'm not complaining. It definitely cost me something though. :-) Good luck!
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    It won't be considered an upgrade, but a replacement, so there wont be a new contract. I brought it to a Sprint store because it's starting to randomly freeze on me about once a day. Although they couldn't reproduce the freezing(of course), they said that's it's now in their system as having been tested by their techs so next time I come in, they will give me a different phone.

    Now whether it's a 700 or 755 remains to be seen, but maybe I'll try going the CS route since they are generally more generous about giving you what you ask for. It also helps that I've been a customer since '99.
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    ...and they actually sent me a brand new 755P...I would recommend to call asurion first and if they don't offer you a 755P..cancel your claim there and follow what the previous poster said..
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    I was sitting at the mall the other day waiting for my wife and the guy in the chair next to me was looking at his 755. I struck up a conversation with him and he was saying that he just got it this past week when his 600 went bad. Sprint gave it to him free since he had the insurance and they only stocked the 755.
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