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    That other phone also has a mute switch.
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    Wow! Who cares about the ringer switch? Use the volume buttons to lower the volume to zero. Do it for both the system sound and phone sound. You are done. Now let's focus on the good stuff.
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    obviously, to some, this is "the good stuff"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GFONG View Post
    I think the 500v has the ring switcher. Please go to 500 forum and watch the video.
    None for the videos in that forum at this time show a ringer switch, and I'm afraid, the TreoCentral preview confirms that the 500v does not have a ringer switch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conrad View Post
    None for the videos in that forum at this time show a ringer switch, and I'm afraid, the TreoCentral preview confirms that the 500v does not have a ringer switch.

    Thanks for clarification. The ring switcher showed in the video is the Treo 750. Maybe I am too excited.
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    Maybe they have not been able to solve the ringer switch "non-silence" problem that is on the 755P and MR'ed 700P on the newer models, so instead of fixing the problem, they remove the switch!

    You'd think it would be simple to cut the wires to the speaker with a switch.

    But then again, why would that be a problem for Win Mob?
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    I certainly understand there are other ways to mute the phone (volume, profiles, etc.) but they aren't as quick or discreet. For profiles to work, you have to have every thing you do down in your calendar as an event. The other evening at our local school's high school football game, the phone rang in the middle of the National Anthem. I was wearing a light jacket, had the phone in the left breast pocket, and all I did was reach up and flip the switch. It took barely 2 seconds, and I didn't even need to get my phone out, as I could feel the switch through the fabric of my jacket.
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    mcentreville - good point - and I have been able to do the same thing with my Q's right soft key ("Ignore" incoming call) while it is in my pocket. Should be a simple thing, but I guess putting another switch on such a device was not in the designer's head!
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    If you have a lot of meetings like me, many impromptu, the mute switch is the best thing about the Treo. There is a reason that Apple put a mute switch on the IPhone.

    I have fooled around with two Windows Mobile phones looking for a smaller phone to replace my Treo 650-the Cingular 2125 and the Motorola MPx220. If either of these phones had a mute switch then I might be using it now.

    Here's how you mute the MPx220:
    1. Take the phone out of your pocket
    2. Flip the clamshell phone open
    3. Tap the center "enter key"
    4. Tap the "down arrow" key two times to highlight "profiles" on the screen.
    5. Tap the center "enter" key again to access the "profiles" screen
    6. Tap the "2" button or whatever button the "silent" profile is mapped to.
    7. Flip the clamshell phone closed.
    8. Put the phone back into your pocket.

    The procedure is similar for the Cingular 2125, but it is not a clamshell phone so instead of opening and closing the clamshell you have to tap a couple of buttons to release the keylock.

    Here's how you mute the Treo:
    1. Put hand in pocket and slide mute switch over.

    If you have to mute the phone 7 or 8 times per day then a switch is far superior.
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    The problem with the mute button is that you have to remember to unmute it, which I always forget to do. With profiles, you hold the alt key to bring it up, press down to select the "silent" profiie, press "60" or "120" or whatever number you desire for duration. It will mute for the next 1 or 2 hours and come back automatically. You don't need to remember to unmute it. I find it work wonders with movie theaters.
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    But when that impromptu 30 minute meeting that you muted for 1 hour turns into a 2 hour meeting, you get to repeat the whole process again. Getting into the habit of unmuting your phone is not that difficult.

    Teh biggest thing is can you do it without having to look at your phone or even get your phone fully out of the holster. A switch will allow you to do that. With some practice, you can do it on a 700p without even opening the flap of the palm holster.
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    What a relief - the ringer switch is still there.
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