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    I'm pretty sure that I have used Chatopus on my 680 before but that was a while back, maybe I've changed version or something. Now when I select "Available" it says it is connecting and then ends with "Disconnected" and an OK button.

    Currently it is version 2.21 which I have also installed on a TX to test, and it works fine, as does 2.15 on another TX. I can use my RAZR with a GMail chat client and connect and chat just fine, so I'm at a loss to explain it and am looking for suggestions.

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    version 2.21 works here on my 680. I suspect you have a configuration problem. Have you tried deleting the application and all associated files, reinstalling, and setting back up the account?
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    Yes, unfortunately I have, more than once :-( I have a feeling some settings or conflicts are not getting deleted.

    FWIW, I agree with you that this is the likely cause, I am simply looking for a suggestion short of a hard reset that will get me there.

    It really upsets me that it used to work and now doesn't, especially when I can use google chat on my Razr no problem.

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    Seems as though my desktop client and my carrier don't resolve to the same IP. Treo shows whereas desktop shows If I put the IP address straight in it seems to work, for now...


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