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    I just started, out of the blue, having problems with Versamail resetting my phone or hanging up whenever I try and get new mail messages off my Gmail account. I have had my 755p since the day it came out and it has worked perfectly getting my Gmail mail until the last couple of weeks.

    Anyone else having problems? Any ideas on how to fix?

    I also had the resetting problem when going into my calendar app and out of the blue it fixed itself...I was kinda hoping the same would happen with this Versamail problem but I am going on week 3 now. I miss my mail...god please don't make me go to AT&T cause if I do I'll be using an iPhone!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Somehow, a corruption may have occurred in your VersaMail account settings on your 755. Try deleting the account on the 755 and then set it up again. Overtyping the settings of the account does not work to cure corruption -- you have to do a delete and a fresh re-setup.

    Give it a try.

    Please post what happens.

    If others do not chime in with other ideas and the above does not cure the issue -- I might recommend a "clean install" to see if you have another 3rd party app that is causing the issue.

    Then again, maybe this is the answer. . . . . .
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    I just had my first major crash (it reset my phone - never happned to me before) on my 755p which I got when they first came out - and the cause was Versamail. Versamail has worked flawlessly since the very start for me - but today I had a corrupt database when checking my email and it progressively got worse at the end of the day until another error popped up and said all my attachments were lost.

    I restored it back to perfect because I had luckily backed up using NVBackup - what a relief - one thing I learned though - I should backup more often - my last backup was 10 days old - so I didn't lose too much - but 10 days lost is still somewhat of a bummer. :-(

    I wonder if Versamail has a limit or "safe" limit on how much email you can keep - counting all folders, I had about 150 emails total - is that to many??

    I have about 35mb free memory and about a half a dozen 3rd party apps that has never given me any trouble or compatibility problems.

    Well, one bad crash in 4 months I guess is not all bad with maybe 1 or 2 soft resets that I'm sure I caused when trying to do something that I wasn't supposed too.

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