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    I posted on this topic last winter and wanted to follow up to see if people are still having issues with low volume on their speakerphones. This is w/out VolumeCare, volume adjusted to its highest setting, clean ears, strong signal and speaker facing the listener. Is it loud enough to use in the car or in any other setting other than a quiet office?

    I didn't really *need* the feature before, but now my business almost requires that I have this available. If there are no issues, I might try and return the unit again. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    And yes, I searched the forums to see if there were any additional threads...
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    Yes, its still an issue, no Palm hasn't posted a patch and it would seem that no, VolumeCare (at least in my circumstance) does not markedly improve the situation.

    Clean ears, strong signal and speaker facing the user still result in a volume that is best described as meager, even in very sound-controlled environments. Add any sort of background or ambient sound and the user is pretty much hooped.

    I've finally unpackaged the Palm headset to use when I also want to input/view other applications during a call - but that doesn't solve the problem if you want speakerphone for one or more people to participate in a call.

    This is my second 680 (the original kacked on another issue and now I expect the use of a headset on this one will mean another return before the warranty is up) and neither had great speakerphone volume.

    Good luck to you if you think a replacement may solve the issue for you.
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    I pretty much agree with MleB's comments. Even with volume care, I still couldn't depend on the speakerphone to hear in anything but a quiet environment for phone calls. Oddly enough, in any other situation the volume is way loud enough (such as music, games, audio books). I only have problems with the phone app.
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    I've never been satisfied with the speakerphone on mine either....even with the addition of VolumeCare.

    It makes no sense on how I can listen to music and it sounds great, but for some reason with calls the speaker doesn't sound clear and seems as if it's lowering the volume to make sure the speaker doesn't overload (at least that's what it seems like it's trying to do).
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    Well, that's a bummer. With the lack of complaints on these boards, I was kind of hoping that later shipments were fixed (and that a return would be warranted). Like both Maris and DurtyD, everything else on my 680 is quite loud thank you.

    Has anyone been satisfied with the speakerphone volume in real world situations (e.g., walking outside, in a car or in otherwise less-than-perfect conditions)?
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    In the real world, it is excellent in a small enclosed room. Superb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    In the real world, it is excellent in a small enclosed room. Superb. a broom closet or confessional (I assume)...
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    I don't seem to have a problem with the speakerphone volume on my 680. I _don't_ depend on it though as some might, so YMMV.

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