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    I've been an AT&T...then Cingular then AT&T again...customer for about four years. Have been using a NOKIA SGH-X426. I now have a used Cingular 680 with no SIM. When I put the SIM from the NOKIA into the 680, it asks for the password. When I enter the SIM's password, I'm told it's the wrong password...but I know it is correct.
    ....What's going on?
    ....Once I get around this password problem, is that all there is to it...I'll be operational?
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    When you say you are sure the code is correctly input are you pressing the black option button before each number you key in? The treo might be entering letters otherwise (not sure as I dont use a SIM lock on mine).

    Good luck
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    Pulster, thanks for the reply. I had done the thing you recommend, but now have tried another trick. I disable "SIM PIN Check" in the NOKIA, THEN I transferred it to the 680 again. I got farther this time, but still no luck. I got a message: "Your phone cannot be used with this SIM card." OK, so I guess I need a "new" SIM. Hmmmm. Lots of folks selling SIMS out there....
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    Does the old Cingular Treo680 think that the AT&T SIM is a 'foreign' SIM card; i.e. one from another carrier? I would call up Cingular and see if they can give you the subsidy unlock code for the treo. Then _any_ SIM would (or should) work.
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    Sounds more like your device is 'SIM locked.' I do not know the process off hand to undo that with the Treo, but a search in this or the 650 forum should pull up the answer for this item.
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    Your Treo is locked. You can call Cingular/AT&T and try to get an unlock code. For $20 you can use one of the online service to unlock your phone. I have done both. Paying $20 was easier for me.
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    Hey guys, I'm FIXED! I went to an AT&T store and the very with-it tech behind the counter said that I had an old SIM that would not work in my 680, unless he were to unlock the 680. He did...and I'm fixed!

    Thanks for your inputs.

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