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    Are there any diet programs that will work on the 755 that track supplemements/ medications and moods in addition to food and exercise? Preferably something that can graph or show some sort of comparison chart? I am looking for a way to track the effects of supplements and meds on my weight and mood. Thanx!!!!
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    Hi Sukiyaki !!

    That's a tall order. Is such a software available for the PC? I am only aware of the basic diet apps available for the PalmOS.

    I use Diet& Exercise Assistant from
    It does have a journal function where you can make notes and comments.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I use MyPersonalDiet and MySportTraining by vidaone (

    The MyPersonalDiet application tracks your food with a database that you can add to as well as track your mood. You can set daily limits on specific nutrients (i.e. carbs or fat) as well as select your diet plan.

    MySportTraining tracks your workouts, whether it's cardio or strength training. You can set up routines such as biceps and back exercises, for example. In addition you can enter the amount of sleep you have each night, as well as take daily notes.

    The two applications are integrated so that they work together very well. I highly recommend them.
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    This one is really good, but I'm not sure it will do all you want. The website homepage is great for all kinds of info
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