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    Hey guys,

    I just purchased Treo Launcher off the site via the paypal option. The payment processed via paypal, but I didnt get any registration code or email or anything giving me the Treo Launcher Key. Any suggestions?

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    I've never used them before. Can you email them? Has their email with the registration code been caught by your spam filter?
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    Nothing in email, spam, no reply via email...I understand that the maker of the program was a regular here on . I'm dissapointed that I just lost my money...
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    Have you e-mail the with your problem? Here are the e-mail addresses. &
    Or you could post on one of the discussion forums for the treo launcher. Which are,42437.0.html

    Or the authors personal web site at
    (It is in German. Here is google translating it.

    The post on about the treo launcher wasn't from the author. Just a happy customer. Hope this helps? I got all this info off the web site that you gave.

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