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    Lets not start complaining like people who have iphones.... we are treo owners and we know how prices go down in tech.
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    The Centro is a entry level smartphone for people that maybe never had one. The Treo 755p is a beast smartphone compared to the Centro. So I don't see the reason for wanting a Centro. Is like wanting the newest KIA model when you drive a 2006 Lexus.

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    Like others have said, let's remember we only have sketchy specs on the Centro. It may turn out that feature-wise, it's only worth $99 and for anyone used to the features of the 700 series, a complete non-starter.

    Given Palm's lack of real innovation over the last couple of years, some would even say the 680 should be at that price point. The great thing about successful technology products is that ever year there is something new with enough new features or smaller form factor to create the demand at *the same or less* price as it was last year or the year before.
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    The Centro is ugly, and the buttons are too small.
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    ITs like saying I have the accord, but the civic also gets me from dallas to houston, but its 3 K cheaper... I FEEL RIPPED OFF>???
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    its the exact same device. my original post was not so crazy after all.

    cheaper and smaller. 4 months after the 755p release and I'm supposed to say "well its for the teen market" or "but I get a larger keyboard." hahaha try again palm. u can bet Ill be letting sprint know how I feel about this
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    It's like at the Sprint stores where (as of a month or so ago) they were still selling the 700p and 755 right next to each other, and the 700p was $200 more than the 755! I even asked the rep why I would ever buy the 700p over the 755 and she just replied that she doesn't know anything about those blueberries. Oh how I love Sprint reps.
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    Not as far as price. I got my phone on ebay, and after rebates it was free. I had wanted a treo for a while, I've been lurking and posting on this site since the treo 600 came out, but this is my first treo. The treo form factor is perfect for me. I like the rubberized feel of the 755. I would have prefered an sd instead of minisd slot, and a camera that takes a pic that is actually useable, but the sd card vs mini sd is a nonissue since it comes with an adapter for an sd reader, and I can live without the camera. If anything I would want a phone slightly longer, keeping the keyboard the same, but making the screen slightly larger. I have a bluetooth headset, but I tend to go for the phone, and like something I can cradle in my neck.

    Having been here so long, I do understand the frustration in the palm community: new phone releases when the improvements qualify for fixes at best, lower prices on the centro, palms refusal to provide it's loyal base with what has been asked for since the 600 (wifi etc), and I feel the frustration is justified. Very few software developers are updating their software and giving it newer, slicker interfaces because they have moved on, or figure the program is good enough since it will still work. I have programs I've dl that the last update was 2004-2005. I was looking to being able to add an abundance of software and making my treo my personal communication powerhouse, which I can still do, but some of the interfaces look crude and dated. Superficial, perhaps, but I like pretty things.

    I like to change phones, and I like each phone to be an improvement. For palm customers who want new stuff, they have basically received the same phone five times in a row. The 755, being my first palm and my first smartphone, is the best thing since sliced bread. I love my 755! I just feel cheated in that I'm not getting the best of the best as far as software, because the innovation has fallen off as there has been very little reason for it to continue to evolve, when the OS isnt evolving.
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