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    I have received a replacement 700p, due to the well-known data connectivity issue with MR 1.10. I had downloaded MR 1.10, copied the files to a clean SD card, and then performed the update. It went very smoothly, although after the update I started getting the 3000 errors almost right away. A few weeks later it became virtually impossible to connect.

    I had noticed that when the phone was turned on, there was a blank line on the top left hand of the screen where it would normally say "Verizon Wireless". When I turned off the phone, it would still say "Phone Off" in the top left corner. Now that I have got my replacement phone with the "factory" MR 1.10, when the phone is on it says "Verizon Wireless" again in the top left corner. Are other people seeing this? If so, it's a handy way to tell the difference between a "consumer" MR 1.10 and a "factory" MR 1.10.

    John F
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    You have to reprovision your phone through VZW.. Log in onto your account and use the ESN # in the back or in phone info and activate your phone through the website.. after a few minutes do a *228 option 1.

    I know because I have received phone #4 today and I'm one of many PRO's at it already.
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    Does anyone else find their "Banner" missing when using Verizon MR?
    Mines is missing too. Maybe you can do the "" to see if your ROM version is different than the Downloaded MR

    If you can send me the r2sd dump and the nvram dump then I can compare it to see if you got a newer rom version.

    Also do a *#*RADIO
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