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    Okay I feel stupid. My 755 arrived very fast from sprint last night. I was so excited and opened it right away thinking I am a reasonably smart person. I have had a clie for years, I can figure this out. ARGH! Is there a treo's for dummies site? I got it activated, I can make calls. I can't get the damn thing sync'd with my contacts and calendar from my clie!! I kept getting stuck and kept reading the useless troubleshooting guide. I somehow got it to sync, and wow, all the useless clie apps I never use appear on my beutiful treo, and alas, not one damn contact or calendar entry! I had to hard reset my new baby already and am starting from scratch.

    I am finding some info on various sites, palm, and did a search for a "clean install directions" as suggested by some smart person earlier.

    But am i just stupid, or is there an easier way to figure out what the heck I am doing?
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    Well, first of all, you're going to buy yourself a heap of trouble by Hotsyncing all of your old Clie apps to your new Treo; spontaneous resets and such.

    I recommend that you hard reset again, rename your backup directory and Hotsync. If your PIM conduits are working correctly, that'll load your PIM data but no 3rd party software. Follow up by researching whether a particular old Clie app is compatible with your new Treo.

    As far as your lack of PIM sync goes....paste your Hotsync log into your reply. Perhaps that'll show us what's going on.
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    The Treo was my first ever Palm device and I'm still a noob. To learn as much about the Treo I first thoroughly read the manual.

    Then I joined this site and a few others. I have learned so much from this site. You can search for most of the common questions and get quick answers.

    I initially had the most problems setting up a blue tooth Hot Synch with my laptop.
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    I would go to your clie's desktop software and import your contact, calender etc.. info. Once all your info is backed up, uninstall the clie's desktop software before installing the new treo desktop software. Then you can import your backed up data to the new treo desktop software. Once that's done, u can hotsync your treo to the desktop software and your data should be sync to the phone.
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    Thanks. First, whoever mentioned a clean install to me the other day is a genius. I followed those instructions and got everything I wanted without those pesky clie apps onto my treo! I will review all my material and the info here on the site. Ultimately, I stuck with the pam desktop to make it easier, but am still wondering about outlook. I either use the site directly to view/send mail, but also have it linked to outlook on my computer to download once in a while. Not sure what I want to do about mail now. I like being able to access it via phone, but also from work computer and home computer, so just sticking the yahoo website may just be easier in the long run.

    Any suggestions?
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    Actually, the Palm site has become very useful over the last year.

    The support area where you select your device upon entering is pretty good at They will address upgrading from another Plam OS device.

    Secondly, is very good for a 1st time Treo user.

    And of Course has some great info, especially the podcasts are great resources. and Palmaddict has great podcast that will tell you about certain programs.

    Many of our sites, including here atTreocentral, reviews apps and provide app briefs.

    The forums are a great place to learn more.

    The bottom line is there is no one place, but a whole community busting at the seams to teach you something about the Treos and more.
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    For one your not stupid. We have all been there. Keep hanging out here and you will be a Treo connoisseur.
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