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    I am trying to send SMS from my computer (HyperTerminal using HotSync cable connection ) through a Treo 700p using AT commands . Most of the AT commands are working fine (ATI, ATQ, ATZ, ATDTxxxxxxx, etc) but no one related to SMS (AT+CMGF=1 ; AT+CMGS="xxxxxxxxxx") always I am getting ERROR ...... Any idea?

    The modem is a Qualcomm modem 153 (M6500 chip) .....
    I couldn't get any real help from Palm.

    Thank you!
    John Dodo
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    just curious why you wouldnt email the sms?

    for example I send myself or my wife emails to her or my sms using this naming convention (phn number)

    Hope this helps.
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    it wouldn't make any difference to me but as I said any AT+CMGS="xxx" command returns ERROR and in order to send a SMS to email the sequence would be:

    Ctrl+Z (0x1A)

    Any idea or help would be welcome!

    Thank you!
    John Dodo
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    AT commands? They still work?

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