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    I got a Seidio extended battery door for my 755p so I could continue to use my old 650/700p batteries (they work, just to thick to close the regular battery door). I've been very pleased with this. The "bump-out" on the Seidio door is integrated well with the Treo, and the little bit of extra size and a touch more weight (the old batteries were twice as thick and twice as heavy) is a small price to pay to be able to use my old batteries as spares.

    That said, I am considering getting an extended battery. But, which one? How much useage will I really gain in doing so, and how much heavier will it make the Treo? If the extended batteries for the 755p are the same size/weight as the standard 1800mAh for the 650/700p, then I could see it. If they are even bigger and heavier than that, I won't bother.

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    No one can tell me how much heavier the 755p extended batteries are than the OEM, 650 or 700p batteries?
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    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.

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