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    So, my new Bluetooth dongle arrived to connect to my PC via USB. After a little experimenting, I was finally able to sync wireless via the new Bluetooth connection. Next, I attempted to use my home LAN (wireless) on my Treo via the new BT connection. Things were going smooth until I entered the Preferences>Network section. My 680 was purchased unlocked from eBay (Arctic White, so unintended unlock) - it works perfectly. However, under the network section, it lists 3 services:T-Mobile Internet, T-Mobile VPN, and T-Zones. There is no 'New' option, and a big "Locked" icon beside 'Modify'.

    So, what are my options to bypass this? Do I have to install one of the custom ROMs? Software? I appreciate any input on this. Thanks!
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    Sorry to waste anyone's time. Apparently, I've still not adapted to the Palm OS enough. I still forget about the actual menu button, instead expecting an on-screen button. So, after that realization, New was an option. Again, I apologize for the ignorance.

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