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    I have a 700p with the MR 1.10 update. we all know how much fun that has been as Verizon customers.......I have decided to give Sprint and the 755p a try with their el cheapo SERO I want to sell my 700p on Ebay and I have already backed my data up and transferred it to the new 755p. Sooo now I need to clear the memory to sell it (how do I do that and also revert it back to 1.06 or 1.08 and have it also erase my personal data) before I sell it...?
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    Easiest way, hold the power button down while doing a reset. When prompted on screen, use the 5-way up button to erase all data. As for MR update, that gets burned to ROM and there is no means to reset it.
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    You will not be able to have it revert back to 1.06 or 1.08. The Maintanence Release is a permanent change to the phone.

    To perform a hard reset, see this page.,Case=obj(887)
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    You would have to get your hands on the 1.06 or 1.08 versions and install them, same procedure as the 1.10 install, which flashes the ROM.
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    You should do a search of this forum for how to do a what I think is call a zero or factory reset. researchers have been able to get data back from phones that have been hard reset.
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    If you know your MSL, dial ##786 (or something similar for verizon) then menu>reset. It will ask you for MSL. This is the zero out for the 700P. Hard reset won't remove your ph# or vision login from phone info but zero out does - did this on mine. Good luck.
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    Thank you but what is an MSL? Please be as specific as you can.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by aweyrich View Post
    Thank you but what is an MSL? Please be as specific as you can.....
    Master Subsidy Lock it is a code you will have to get from your provider. I would get your MSID at the same time. (Master Subsidy ID)
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    VZW MSL is 000000 for all users...
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    The best thing is to do a factory reset. You can find the instructions here: Or search for Solution ID : 15574 on the Palm support web site.

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