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    Im not smart with computers or pda's...i am a student who wants to write his papers on my Visor there any software that will let me do this and be albe to print it on my desktop?
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    I use wordsmith. I like cuz I can run the wordsmith conduit on my computer add my papers and it will sync with my VDX. You can also create documents and sync those back to the desktop as well.
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    Is there any other ones?
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    I use WordSmith too. It's the best one I've found.

    BTW, it's not nice to post in multiple forums.
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    You should also check out Documents to Go.
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    Originally posted by culo77
    Is there any other ones?
    Maybe you need one that checks grammar!

    Just kidding--I LOVE wordsmith!

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    My FEEEling are now hurt and i amcrying at thiss very moment thanks kelly
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    For me it's Wordsmith, Quicksheet and ThinkDB2; whole office suite in my Prism.

    Now if I could just find a decent cerbral cortex interface...
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    Xianfox, nice avatar.
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    Originally posted by culo77
    My FEEEling are now hurt and i amcrying at thiss very moment thanks kelly
    Don't despair--after my post, I spent some time wondering if there isn't some grammatical reason you use "any" and "is", maybe I need the grammar checker.

    Seriously, Wordsmith is a very powerful program, allowing for the use of Bold, Italics, Underline, etc within the document. The synchronization with Microsoft Word is excellent and relatively hassle-free.

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