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    Is anyone else having problems downloading stock prices with the program "Stock Manager" by TinyStocks on their Treo?
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    I get the same problem. It seemed to start a few days ago.

    From looking at the log I get the impression that the yahoo server StockManager contacts changed the http syntax slightly. The log file (menu->network->View log) shows the http response which requests the user to click a different link. I suspect a few minor edits to the web request would fix this. It would be nice if this part was customizable in StockManager since I would think format changes would happen all the time.

    I tried replicating the error through a web browser and a telnet connection but I can't replicate the same error.

    I emailed the developer with the log file so hopefully they will fix this soon.
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    Response I got from the developer:


    A recent change at Yahoo has changed the interface used to download stock data which requires an update to Stock Manager. You must download and install v4.55 over your existing version so that you do not loose any data.

    NOTE: Currently only the Pocket PC version is ready, the Palm OS and Smartphone versions will be ready soon. Check our website for news of an update. DO NOT EMAIL US, your emails will be deleted.

    Make sure that you save your registration code before installing the new version. We will not be re-sending old codes.

    If you received Stock Manager as part of a promotion (iMate, HP ipaqchoice, etc) and have a 18 digit registration code, see if you qualify for an upgrade from:

    Otherwise download the software from:

    Check our support and FAQ pages if you have any questions.

    Best regards,


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