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    I read a post in the Treo 755p forum that Business Connection (Biz Con) is no longer supported. Is this true for the 700p as well? I can't retrieve my Outlook emails anymore as of last Monday. When I manually try to retrieve my email, I get the following message:
    "Error S7121: Cannot connect to desktop. Please check your desktop client and try again"

    The desktop client shows as connected.

    Anyone else having issues with Biz Con?
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    Still working for me.

    Sounds like the desktop software is having issues. Try closing it and restarting.

    You can test with the web client. Try

    If you can see your mail using the web client, then you should be able to see it using your Treo.
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    Thanks for verifying that it's just my setup that's the problem, mogulman.

    What I forgot to mention in the original thread was that the web client has been flakey as well.
    I closed and opened the desktop client last night and was able to successfully access my email through the web client. After verifying this, I tried to access my email on the Treo and got the error message.
    I then went to click on the bizcon icon on the bottom right portion of windows (the notification area) and it disappeared. I had to reopen the client.
    It seems like the software is just shutting off.

    At least I know that bizcon still works. Now I have to find out what happened on my end.
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    yeah.must be on your end. Seems to work consistantly for me both web-client and palm client.
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    Does anyone have the Biz Connect Enterprise Edition saftware for Palm? I can't find it anywhere.

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