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    So I finally ordered my 755, and am getting excited but waiting for it to come. Can you recommend what accessories are worth spending money on? Or apps that are worth adding on? I can't afford much, but would love to start looking for some deals!

    Also, I have an old Palm PDA, can i transfer anything I have on that to my new treo?
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    Hi Lisa, Do a 'clean install' if you are upgrading from a prior Palm device and are going to use the same user id.

    Yes, most of your old Palm apps will work. It's best to get the latest version and install it fresh.

    SD card would be my first accessory.

    PTunes, Kinoma or Core Player would be software to look at.

    Backup to SD card software is a consideration, as well.

    A dictionary, if you like to carry reference material.

    Cheers, Perry
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