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    Last night I dropped my Treo 650. As a result, the color in the screen was funky but the touch feature was still accurate. As I got fed up with the weird colors, I decided to try and perform surgery on it as I figured the cable might have just slipped a little with the drop. So, I performed surgery and the color came back after reconnecting the screen cable. All was well until I discovered that something happened during my surgery that messed up the digitizer alignment. Now, I can press somewhere on the screen and the icon at the bottom of the screen in line with where I am pressing will be selected. It's a strange thing. Any advice as to how to reseat a digitizer? Should I do that? Should I just reconnect the digitizer cables?

    Please help!

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    It's very possible that when you put your Treo back together, you left something that is applying pressure to the bottom part of the screen. check that area just in case it isnt seated correctly or there is something lodged underneath. Following this, soft-reset the Treo and run the screen calibration from Prefs.
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