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    My 755p is resetting every time I try to HotSync. It happens immediately, so I think it's a 755p issue and not a Palm Desktop/PC issue. My last successful HotSync was Friday, August 31, and I didn't try to HotSync again until Tuesday, September 4, when I returned to work. The last two successful HotSync's I only installed a couple of e-books (*.pdb) and an MP3 file to my expansion card. The last apps I installed were MiniTones and PalmInfo on August 30.

    1. Does anyone have any idea what I can try to determine my problem?

    2. Assuming the worst happens, and I have to perform a hard reset, what is the best method to save my databases (SplashMoney, HandyShopper, etc.) without saving my problems?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Well a program that syncs through hotsync could be the problem, or it could be a random program. I once had a solitare game that stopped my hotsyncing.

    If you have a memory card, download Rescobackup and do a full back up to the card. Then do a hard reset. Resco allows you to recover only what you want so you can restore you address database, etc. They have a free trial and you can use it for that.

    Once you have hard reset. Go to your application folder / palm folder and find your backup folder. Cut and paste these files to a new folder. Do a hotsync to restore your system files. Then using the files you cut and pasted and resco explorer start installing things one at a time. You may fix the problem just be doing this; you may find the program and then you delete it and just sync everything back.

    This is really good to do with a computer, laptop and a smartphone. I have gained tones of memory and fixed bugs by doing this. I do it about once very six months.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for your help. I started deleting some of the more recently installed apps to see if that was a "quick fix". I discovered I had a corrupt Contacts DB. I deleted the DB and was able to HotSync. I'll perform a hard reset and reinstall the apps in a day or two.

    Thanks, again, for your advice.
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    Great to hear!

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