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    Hi all. New poster here but not new reader. Been a lurker for months.

    I've had my 755p for about 3 months now and love it. I've had the usual bugs that lots have.... volume keys not working, etc. But no big deal. I have Zlauncher so I just reset and go on.

    Lately I've been having another problem, and this morning it is at its worst. I cannot dial out.

    I place a call to any number, dialed, voicemail, or contact, and the app will say dialing, and just sit there, then time out. The call will not connect.

    On top of that, when I dial my cell number from a landline, the call never connects to the cell. It rings and rings on the landline end, then goes to voice mail. So it is causing me to miss calls.

    Anyone make any sense of this? Had any of the same symptoms? I have already done a hard reset but still, the same thing. Cannot make or receive calls. Oh, and my account is in good standing. lol.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    I had something similar happen.. do u use the wired headset?
    if so, when u last removed it, the treo wasn't released back into handset mode.. aka, insert & remove the headset jack, repeat until fixed.
    hope that helped
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I've never used a wired headset, ever. I have a BT headset, but I haven't used it in a few weeks. BT is enabled however, but that shouldn't cause a problem. hmmm

    Thanks for the suggestion though! Anyone else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcrowe View Post
    ...I have already done a hard reset but still, the same thing. Cannot make or receive calls...
    Did you test after the hard reset, but before you restored any data?
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    If you did a hard reset and like gamble asked and you didn't restore from a backup and it still didn't work with a fresh start then I would imagine its something to do with your carrier or you have a hardware malfunction on the phone and I would recommend calling in about it.
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    Well, I did another hard reset and did not restore anything. So far it is working fine, but I am not not not looking forward to putting back in around 100 numbers. Or re-installing Zlauncher.

    The crazy thing is, nothing changed. I didn't install any programs as I haven't hot-synced in over a month. I don't know what caused it all. I'm gonna hold off on installing ZL for a few bad as that will stink...just to test it. So we shall see. Weird.
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    Having a similar problem. Occasionally the phone will just go off network. I try to dial a number and all I get is “dialing” and it never goes active, just goes back to the dial pad or contacts depending on where I dialed from. During this time, I can’t receive incoming calls. When I get back on the network I generally have V/M’s from people who tried to call me.

    I can get the phone back on the network by
    1. Dialing repeatedly (sometimes)
    2. Going to Blazer (sometimes, but most of the time I get a service unavailable 3000 error, even though I am in a service area will full bars)
    3. Power cycling or resetting the phone (always)

    I have very few third party apps running (nothing really, I eve turned off Volume Care weeks ago and still have the problem.

    Anyone else?
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    I had the same problem when I upgraded from 650 to 755p on Sprint. After 4 redial attempts the radio would turn itself off then back on (no splash screens) and would work fine for a while - VERY annoying. Tech supp. tried numerous fixes.

    When the same problem 'followed' 2 refurbs. and 1 brand new phone, I felt like a ghost in the Sprint system.

    On my 7th call to TS, I finally got someone who knew what was happening!
    My previous data plan without evdo was still active and, apparently, the 755 was constantly trying to establish a highspeed connect.

    It took about an hour with TS to input many new values, but all is finally well!

    I tried many different scenarios with each replacement phone --
    -turn off evdo (##3836#) for 1xrtt only.
    -use automatic.
    -force broadband (EVDO only).
    -Home networks only (roaming prefs.).
    Each time, I tried to keep the new phone as 'virgin' as possible (ie. no hot sync or contact of any kind w/ previous palm devices). Still no joy!

    When the real problem was solved, I did have to remove all Palm files from my computer (I mean all!) and re-install the Palm desktop sw from scratch and start over. Yes, it was a PITA! But, it was actually fun to finally edit my very old contacts list. My original device name is the same (as are all registered progs. and pw's) and am smiling again.
    I still have the 650 charged up and only use for misc. functions (back-up gps, realplayer, calc., old calender, etc.), but WILL NOT ever sync to 'new' 755 account.

    Glad I didn't go back to VZ (but is was tempting for a while).

    Hope this is your experience and you get it straightened out.

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