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    anyone having issues with the audible air?
    i am all the sudden, i cant get my wall st jrnl and it was working fine a few days ago, now when i try to goto subscriptions i get resets all the time. when i wake up i get errors that say can not download, check your wireless connection, any ideas?

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    I've got similar problems. The resets happened periodically with the 700p too. As then, I just reinstall from Backup Buddy and it works again.

    But for the first time, now that I have a 755p, I've got the issue with Audible trying to download the NY Times in the middle of the night, and waking up to an alert saying it failed. I think what's happening is that the download is getting partway through and then the Treo's power-save feature turns the phone off and engages the keyguard. Audible used to be able to continuedownloading in the background on the 700p, but it doesn't seem to be able to on the 755p. Anyone seeing anything similar?

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