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    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if... I can use my Treo 650 as a modem (phone line) to send faxes from my computer. Is there a way that my fax software can recognize it as a line so that I can send faxes?

    Thanks fro your help.
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    try pdanet
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    Make sure you have an unlimited data plan...
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    Fax support-
    Using a Treo 650 (Sprint) & Pdanet I have been unsuccessful sending a fax using the phone as a modem. I have been told older sprint phones that were "2G" had fax capability but the treo 650 is 3G and thus no fax support.

    Try the applications called InStep Fax or MarkSpace Fax 2.0 on your Treo 650. Works like a charm for outbound text faxes only. No imaging or signatures are supported. Kind of like a text editor that sends faxes. No inbound fax support. Both programs have a free trial period.


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