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    Well, my Treo 700p seems to have the headset jack switch issue where the phone assumes the headset is plugged in 24/7 and no sound comes out of the internal or external speaker.

    I've searched the forum and have found threads of people making suggestions on how to fix it - and I tried most of the suggestions but none of them solved the problem.

    I think that palm will likely be willing to replace this unit if I call them (I am still within the warranty) but I am concerned that I will receive a refurbished unit in bad condition.

    Can anyone comment on what kind of replacement units palm sends out? Are they generally in "like new" or "mint" condition, or do they basically look used?

    My treo still looks like new so i'm hesitant about what kind of replacement palm might send out if I ask them for a replacement.
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    The replacement units, if they are refurbished, look like new.
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    If you want to keep your phone, try downloading VolumeCare. There's a setting on it that bypasses the plug.
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    I downloaded VolumeCare but the bypass plug feature isn't working for the "phone" part. For example: the bypass plug is allowing me to play ptunes over the speaker (which wasn't working without the bypass) but it still wont allow me to hear sound when making a phone call. Maybe its because my phone is using MR 1.10 and something in the MR made volumecare not work?

    I went ahead and ordered an "advance exchange" from palm.

    Was this a good decision, or do refurbished units have short lifespans (i'm assuming that refurbished units had hardware problems in the past, therefore they are not as reliable?)
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    I have never had a problem with refurbs - they look like new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    The replacement units, if they are refurbished, look like new.
    Not the one i got today from Ausurion today. It's beat. (on the Verizon side).

    They are shipping me a "new" new phone today. This was supposed to be new - not a refurb.

    Scratches all over the bezel around the screen, on the edge of the screen, greasy "junk" on the ear speaker. It hadnt' been cleaned..... yuck.

    But they have always been able to tell me on the phone if i was getting a new or refurb. AND, the refurb 650 i got (with a broken ear speaker) was pristine.
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