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    I downloaded the update .zip and followed the instructions per Palm's page (twice): and now my phone is having the following issue:

    if I try to access the calendar or contacts from either the assigned buttons or the apps icons, it restarts the phone.

    All other buttons and functions appear to be working.

    I am running OSX 10.4.10, Palm Desktop 4.2.2 (using iSync), Palm Treo 680 - firmware R01.34 - software Tre680-1.09-ATT.

    Anyone else experienced similar issues?
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    Try re-doing the update...
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    Also, try testing stuff after a hard reset, but before you've restored anything.
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    After making my original post, I went back and reinstalled the update, but got the same results. I did not, however, test before doing a hotsync.

    [8:30 am] I reinstalled and tested wihtout hotsyncing and it works fine.

    [8:45 am] I moved a copy of the Backups directory to my desktop as well as a copy of the User Data. HotSyncing.....Success.

    Thanks for the input all!

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