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    Quote from them:

    We're not going to speculate now on timing for a next Foleo, we just know we need to get our core platform and smartphones done first.

    Could this be it...?
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    yeah. our treos are REALLY outdated now.. and they didn't even work from the start lol
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    It seems the folks here were onto this concept months ago, and, as usual, Ed and Palm are late to the party.

    Anyone here care to make a run for President/CEO of Palm - with the information here on these boards (e.g., better business strategies than Palm has come up with lately, the radical notion of customer satisfaction, etc.), I'm certain we could make a compelling argument to the shareholders.
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    wow. I honestly can't believe they ever thought that thing would get off the ground. One of the stupidest technological ideas I've every seen. Some may see this as my opportunity to bash Palm but I'm impressed that they realized it would be an inevitable total failure. Hopefully something better than a crappy laptop will be announced soon.
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    ... can anyone say DUH?

    Palm Board Meeting Notes: "We love our Palm platform products so much, research shows the need for a convergent device, and our customers are so loyal they will buy anything 'Palm'... let's just do the opposite of what our research tells us will be successful! Yah, let's take our Palm PDA product and blow it up to the size of a laptop, that has got to sell because we'll be the first to market!"

    If anything, this should make the Palm board of directors question current Palm leadership. How much time and money was wasted developing a product that was doomed from the start? Why can Apple make a smartphone that runs rings around most Palm products and outsell ALL PDAs in its first quarter while Palm is trying to figure out where it's b*tthole is?
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    Canning Fauxleo is the smartest thing Palm has done in years. They had better get the Palmux device out quickly, and with better support than the 700p, or Palm won't be too rosy...
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    Yeah, great. Not a 700P specific issue (belongs in the Treo General Forum).
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    all I can say is wow.

    On the one hand it makes Palm look inept and out of touch with their base that they had to cancle this. On the other hand it make you think that the article from engadget really shook them up.

    Good for Palm.

    Now... lets hope that they truely can rustle up the horses and really pull one out with the new Palm/Linux kernel.
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    It was a good idea to cancel the Foileo--I mean Foleo. Palm has fallen from #1 and they must regain their rightful reign if we, the admiring Treo faithful, wish to have useful devices that support an open development environment.

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