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    For anyone looking for an inexpensive card. Here is a Kingston miniSD 4GB with adaptor for under $20
    Neither is this one a class 6.
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    Thanks for this post. It has been very informative! I have a Verizon Treo755p & I want to get a memory card for it. Verizon is saying a 4gb limit but with the other posts I've seen, others have gone bigger. Would it be good/safe/etc. to go bigger or not. This is the 4gb that I found on amazon...

    haven't looked for bigger memory yet...
    Thanks for any input!!!
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    I'm using the Kingston 4GB miniSD HC class 4 card also available on Amazon, and so far, after a couple of weeks have had no problems. I'd recommend not reformatting it in the Treo, just use the factory format.

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