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    Hi -
    Over the internet, I had mail-ordered a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm stereo adapter and had been using it happily at work, but somehow it's been lost and I want a replacement ASAP. Has anyone seen them on sale in retail stores? I'm looking for the name of a retail chain, or something local to Tyson's Corner, VA, USA.

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    I know you can get them at Radio Shack..hope that helps!
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    Don't get the RS one. it puts too much stress on the jack. You want one with the little wire. Sorry though, I don't know of a local store.
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    I got mine at the Palm retail store at the Pitt. airport. See the link below -- is Union Station too far for you to go?
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    Yeah, I can vouch that the RS 2.5-2.5mm adaptor puts stress on the jack. AND it doesn't maintain contact as well as a 2.5mm Right Angle to 3.5mm jack with a small cord.

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    i bought the Radioshack adaptor and it sucks. DONT BUY IT! sounds are still mono on the RS adaptor.

    Get this and you can use any headphone you have.

    We had a long discussion about headsets in this thread:
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    I also got the RS one the other day and only get mono. I am returning it today.
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    I think I remember reading that RS has 2 different versions - one is mono and the other stereo. I could be mistaken, though.
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    that's correct. there are two different ones. you have to be sure and get the stereo adapter. still not the best choice but it's all I could find local. if you get one don't break it off in the jack like I did.
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    I got my Palm-branded one a year or so ago at Franklin Covey. Last time I was there they still had them in stock for $9.99. I've also seen them at the various Palm stores/kiosks located throughout the country.

    CompUSA retail stores also had a package a while back for about $15 that was (I think)a HP-branded generic stereo headphone/mic combo that included a 2.55mm to 3.5mm adapter plug.
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    I picked one at Target for $15. It works great - no problems here. It's retractable and works with any headset. No problem reported from those on the opposite side of the conversation while using the integrated mic either.

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