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    Hi all;

    Having used T650 for almost 1 year, I just realized i've never succeed in transfering an MP3 file to another celullar phone...
    Now i would ask for your help on how to do the transfer
    a. using standard program/feature, and/or
    b. using installed program (a recommendation of program to be used would be very welcome too).

    So far I've tried using RescoExplorer by:
    1. Turn on the BT
    2. Register peer as "Trusted Devices"
    3. Open RescoExplorer
    4. Choose the file to be send
    5. Tap: File, then Tap: Send
    Error message appear: "Send failed: exgErr TargetMissing"

    Appreciate your attention very much.
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    help please...
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    The 650 cannot hold MP3 files in RAM, they have to be transferred to an SD card from your PC. You can use the MP3 as a ringtone using a third party app, such as Minitones or Ringo. But, the MP3 has to be imported into the ringtone and Sounds app from the SD card. You can listen to the MP3s directly from your SD card using RealPlayer, PocketTunes or TCPMP.

    Hope that helps
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    Are you trying to transfer them to another Treo, or just another phone? I don't think you can transfer to another, different phone.
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    I've had no trouble using Filez and selecting 'send' then 'bluetooth'. I can send MP3s to any other phone.

    If you're talking about RECEIVING MP3 files then this is more problematic. I had to install a program called getdeblu, which allows you to customise how files are received by the Treo.
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    Hi Christinac130, Dapost and Checkmate

    Thanks a lot for your sharing.... and sorry if I was not to clear on the subject.
    So what I have now in my T650 is an additional 500MB memory card and some mp3 file inside the memory card (I copy them from PC using card reader).

    Now I would like to transfer one of the mp3 file to my friend from the memory card to another celullar phone (not Treo) using BT.
    Any other enlightment would be very helpful. Thankzzz

    1. I thought BT is a generic tool to transfer data. Too bad if according to Dapost, it can not be done if the intention is transfer the mp3 to other celullar phone other than Treo
    2. Probably I should try Filez as what Checkmate suggested ...
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