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    Hi all,

    I never updated from 1.06. Things have been fine data wise, but I have had to deal with other issues.

    I'm just wondering what all you VZW users out there are doing:

    1. Are you just not using DATA??!!? Or is it really not that bad?

    2. Sound while on Mute?

    3. Screen blurry?

    4. skipping mp3's

    5.Anything else fixed, broken, workaround, related to updating?

    What has been VZW response?

    I just find it hard to believe they would let this go for so long...Maybe TreoCentral's Forums have lost their bite!

    I'm just curious for new info. Thanks
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    Patch to the patch 'spose to be out in couple week, sez my local VZW tech...
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    Unless Palm does the apple thing (Adhere to some serious **** and baby kissing support). I don't see this coming out anytime immediately.
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    No updates at this point. Believe me that Treocentral would be at the forefront of posting news of the re-release once it happens.

    In the mean time yeah, the data service is pretty darn unreliable. I use it but I have to turn OFF/ON the phone almost every time I want to do anything with my data connnection.
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    Got my sixth Refurb the other day. Noticed that Blazer was slow and I was having Autosync problems with VersaMail. Finally figured out that the phone shipped with VZW 1.10 MR. Crap, that must explain the poor EV coverage.
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    I've actually had good luck with my replacement phone. No errors after a week.
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    2 refurbs same 3000 error issues, new in box replacement seem to be doing ok on data connection but the bluetooth doesnt work like it did on my original and the refurbs.
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    I have been putting up with the MR1.1 on my 700p for several weeks. For the first week, it worked most of the time. Then for a couple of weeks I'd usually have to try 3 or 4 times to connect. I'd get the 3000 error, and then finally it would connect. Then about a week or so ago it would not connect at all, no matter how many times I tried to connect. It seemed to be worse on weekends. So, I finally called Verizon and they offered to ship me a new phone. While I was waiting for it to arrive, my old phone was able to connect and it seemed that I even not having to retry that often. The new phone is here, and I've just activated it. It also has MR 1.1. So far I have not had to try more than once to connect. Another advantage of the replacement phone is that it appears to be new. My connector was pretty much completely worn out as until recently I didn't use a case, so I was only able to sync via bluetooth. Also the headset jack was starting to get spotty. So, it's nice to have a physically new unit without having to pay extra for it.

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    Usually its pretty good for the first few days or week or two. We call it the Homeymoon period. I just got off the phone from Verizon and I now have phone #4 coming to me. I guess I'll just have them send me one every few weeks until they get the message or dump me. Given what I do I also have the vzw datacard for my laptop and of course never experienced anytime of data issues on that.
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    Darn, my 2nd day with my 2nd replacement and lo! I have hit two Error 3000 already ...

    Nothing works. It's up to Palm to fix it...
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    It's a bit of a pain, but not as bad as having to reset . . . when you get the 3000 error, just turn the phone off and then back on (long press on red button). Mine connects first time, every time when I do that.
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    Generally, it connects for me on the third re-try. If I don't want to do that, I go to Pref/Network/ Connect. I will try turning the phone off and back on. Since I have the option to Always Connect when Phone is on, this might be the easy way.
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    The reconnect strategy works if you only need to manually connect to the network when you want to check e-mail or surf the web. In that case I can see how the disconnect and 3000 error would just be an annoyance. But it just doesn't work for anyone who relies on push e-mail (as I did with GoodLink). My Treo would disconnect from the network and I would stop getting e-mails since GoodLink could not reconnect. The worst part was that there was no way to tell if I was disconnected or it was just that no one was trying to reach me unless I forced it to check e-mail. Only then I would get the error. What had been an excellent push e-mail solution was rendered useless by Palm. Since my clients didn't particularly care to hear about my troubles with Palm and just wanted to be able to reach me, I had to move to a BB.

    This is just a fair warning to anyone who relies on push e-mail or any application that is based on constant access to the data network. Unless you want to have to manually check the connection every few minutes, stay away from the 700p with the MR.

    Just my opinion, of course.

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