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    Just thought I would throw an email to ya from correspondence between myself and Bozidar, the creator of Launcher III. As some of you may know, he is working on modifying Launcher III so that it can "run" apps off the SM card (actually more of an autofilemover thing), and I get the pleasure of beta testing it. the early comment from me was that you had to leave all the apps' databases on the Visor RAM, which was a bummer. Also, it would have been nice so that the app buttons could be mapped to apps on the SM card (like all our ROM replacement apps...). Well, here is his reply to my email. Enjoy the reading - sure sounds like good news!


    Thanks a lot for the comments. Please read my answers between the lines of your message.

    > So far everything is working great. I especially like the > little dot placed next to each app that is stored on the > SM card to help you keep track of

    Thanks! I'm glad that you like it.

    > what's where. However, having to keep all the databases > in Visor RAM is kinda cumbersome. I was wondering if it > would be possible to do this:
    > 1. Allow subdirectories in the \Palm\Launcher > directory, so each app can have its own subdirectory.

    I already planned something like that.

    > 2. Allow both the app and associated databases to > be contained within these subdirectories.

    The app should be in the default directory (/Palm/Launcher/). That's much simpler for the LIII. Databases should be in the subdirectory with the name of the
    app .PRC file. For example, if you have wordsmith.prc in the /Palm/Launcher/ directory, LIII could search for the /Palm/Launcher/wordsmith/ directory, and copy all files found there.

    > 3. When you tap on the app's icon in Launcher III, > the app and all the databases within the app's > subdirectory get moved over to Visor RAM (e.g.,
    > think ThinkDB2, with all its little tinybytes - tapping > the ThinkDB2 icon would copy it and all it's tinybytes to > Visor RAM for use).

    Look at my answer to the #2.

    > 4. When done using that app, the Launcher III hack > could MOVE the app and contents back to its subdirectory, > rather than deleting it off Visor RAM. NOTE: Maybe a > setting could be added in the Launcher III hack allowing
    > users to specify whether they want apps/databases deleted > or moved back to the SM card.

    To speed up things, LIIIHack could move only modified, and delete other databases.

    > Another thing came to mind too... rather than the built- > in apps, I use Action Names, Address Pro, To Do Plus, and > Memo Plus as replacements. I have these mapped to the 4 > app buttons on my Prism. However, I can't move these apps > to the SM card, because then pressing those buttons > brings up the built-in apps, since the Palm OS isn't > seeing these apps in Visor RAM (though they run just fine > if I launch them from Launcher III.... <g>). Is it > possible, through a Launcher III hack setting or > something, to get the app buttons to open these > replacement apps, even if they are stored on the SM card? > Again, I'm just curious if it can be done. I doubt it, as > I guess it would probably involve the Palm OS itself, > which of course can't be altered on our Visors. > Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see if you
    > think something like that can be done.

    That can be done through some small apps which, when started, could start the main app located on the card. That small app can then be hooked to any hardware button.

    [a quick comment re: good work and keep it going deleted]

    :-)) I certainly will, when my free time permits, hopefully soon.

    Best regards

    Sorry for the long post, but I just thought you all would like reading about what is going on. And btw, the beta is working quite nicely!

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    On a similar note, according to some postings in the Springboard forum, PI Technologies is beta testing AutoCF-type functionality for the MemPlug. This jibes with what little knowledge I have. Unfortunately, this may not be good news for PalmOS 3.1 Visor MemPlug users.

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