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    could you please explain to me how to install a .jar file on the 650... it doesn't let me install it on ram and via card is says it can't find the application... java is the application why isn't it working?
    please help...
    last thing...
    thanks to the comunity.
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    I don't think .jar is supported on the Treo. Have you looked for the Java apps on the Preferences panel? I never had a problem with Java on my 650, but I deleted it because it took up too much memory.
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    You cannot install jars through hotsync. Use this method.
    1. Download and install resco explorer
    2. Put your jars on an expansion card
    3. Open up the folder with jars in Resco Explorer
    4. Click on JAR you want to install
    5. Exit resco explorer and open IBM Java in launcher
    6. Press Install
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    If you already have Java installed, you can also install Jars with Blazer.
    Put the Jars on your SD card in the root directory.
    In the Blazer browser bar type: file:///filename.jar
    Then just follow the prompts.
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    isn't resco only for a windows mobile smartphones? and on the palm site it says that blazer cannot be downloaded anywhere, it has to be already on the palm...
    plus i can put jars on the expansion card but it doesn't sync them saying he doesn't find the application... is the application resco or blazer the one it should find to be able to sync them?
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    Resco Explorer also exists for Palm OS, and Blazer is in the Treo 650's ROM. ahsirg and Widdy have posted good instructions.
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    thanks tom
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    btw. Blazer is called Web (at least on the treo)
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    i installedresco explorer... then i tried to sync the jar file on the memory card and it stil tells me: "there is no application on the organizer to handle this file (0x4005)"
    what should i do?
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    Use a card reader to put the .jar file on the card.
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    what is a card reader?
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    it is a software
    or a hardware device
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    what is a card reader?
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    which card reader should i get... some advice?
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    Any that will handle SD cards. They are available as cheap as $15 or so in most electronics stores.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leonidas View Post
    what is a card reader?
    cardreader wiki entry

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