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    Can we treat it like our home internet connection in terms of security? is it safe to go to our bank accounts and credit card sites thru our Treos? maybe even thru tethering?

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    If your willing to risk going through your computer for your bank account information and credit card information, I see no reason not to go through EVDO. Neither are very secure. I'd be willing to bet someone could steal your cookies or log your keystrokes just as easily as they do through your home connection. The point I'm trying to make is there is nothing safe or secure about your credit card or bank account information through the connection at your home.
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    Home internet or EVDO, the security resides on the banking institutions setup within their networks website. My bank has allowed customers to enroll for their new enhanced security when banking online...I see no difference in security no matter what broadband waves you indevor when it resides on the individual security of each website and not with whom distributes your internet access.
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    So basically its security is just the same as a home broadband connection?

    I wonder how traveling businessmen can manage their accounts ouside their homes though.
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    I assume your question is in regards to the "over the air" nature of EVDO? (rather than some type of cable buried in the ground) If so, then obviously your question really applies to all cellular data technologies. (1x, EDGE, HSDPA, etc, etc)

    Based on various things I've read here and there, the impression I get is that a hacker would have far better luck sneaking into your backyard, digging up your cable/phone line, and somehow attaching a "sniffer" to it then they would intercepting cellular data transmissions.

    As others have pointed out, though, the real security concern for all of us is the companies (banks, etc) that house our data.

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