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    I dropped my Treo 650 and can no longer read anything on the screen (blank screen). Amazingly the phone still works (can make & receive calls) and the screen lights up (light grey) but I cannot read anything on the screen. It does behave normal from a lighting point of view, but again nothing can be read or seen.

    I hope someone can tell me how to correct this, or if it is possible to correct it. Thank you.
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    If you're lucky, you can maybe take it apart and reassemble, perhaps it's disconnected somewhere. There's a few video guides on youtube. It's not too difficult to take apart, but not simple either. You need a Torx screwdriver, T5. It can be difficult to find, although for $8 I found a T3 - T10 or something at Lowes when I was replacing my antenna a while back.

    Good luck.

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